no no i wwant to! i really do but just

at least let me knoww before you do thins like this


i mean youre lucky i enjoy your company or else id probably go off on you right noww

come on er1dan, l1ghten up…
1t’s not that b1g of a deal, yanno?
anyways, how have you been? we really need to catch up… 1t’s been way too long.



for fucks sake you could havve asked me first before automatically decidin this


but wwhatevver

wwhats done is done i guess

sorry… 1’m not really good w1th quadrants… 1 k1nd of thought the non-matespr1t quadrants were more just uh.. assumed, 1 guess?
but uh, 1 mean 1f you don’t want to that’s cool 1 guess… we can just be regular fr1ends…

speak1n of the w1tch, where are ya b*tch?

vvastuisce said: hold on wwait wwhat did you just call me

uh… you mean my mo1ra1l?
1s that not r1ght?
1 mean… 1 guess 1 should have conf1rmed 1t f1rst but 1 k1nd of thought that’s what we were?

i miss you a lot you wwere actually the only person wwho i thought wwas cool and i wwanted to keep hangin wwith you but then you just up and fuckin vvanish i like you a lot ok its not like youre goin to see this evva cause youre probably doin wwhateva it is youre doin so just fuckin hell i wwana say a lot but i probably look like a dork right noww anywway so ill just leavve it at i hope youre doin ok and i hope wwe can talk again soon cause i fuckin miss you like crazy


you know uh… you k1nda up and “vvan1shed” too, but 1’m here… and 1 k1nd of m1ssed you too… okay, more than k1nd of… l1ke a lot…
you’re my mo1ra1l… and we should maybe catch up, 1 guess.
or someth1n.

1 guess 1’m st1ll here…



uh… aggress1ve tone there… 1’m ruf1oh n1tram.
and uh… who are you man?

woah 1 haven’t been on here 1n a crazy long t1me.

way cool new theme th1ng. }:)

[ OutOfSparkles: I’m sorry I haven’t been on, guys… I’m having kind of a hard time, I guess. ): I really want to do stuff on here but I’m kind of out of ideas because I really don’t know how to talk to people or get their attention when I want to talk to them… I’ve been having a lot of anxiety over it and it’s no one’s fault but mine— but I’m not gone— I’ve been online a whole bunch, I just stopped posting for a while ‘cause no one was responding to my open posts and everyone I talk to usually has been MIA. /:
Please don’t take this as me complaining/ranting, just… explaining my absence. ^^;; Plus I’ve been busy with school, too, and really sore from it. ]